Program Overview

Level Comparison

Level I Level II Level III
Price $750 per attendee / level $750 per attendee / level $750 per attendee / level
Music Literature (Song Research)
Teaching Process
Choral Ensemble
Common Singing
Selected Topics (Common Curriculum)
Conducting Lab
Conducting III
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Hear it from our satisfied customers

  • CSUB Kodály Institute Testimonial - Aaron

    “If you are looking to breath new life into your teaching or looking to expand your music pedagogy, consider The CSUB Kodály Institute! I am very much looking forward to completing my training in Summer 2021!”

    Aaron Sorenson, Level II Grad
  • CSUB Kodály Institute Testimonial - Paige

    “A fantastic continuing education opportunity for music educators at all levels! The outstanding instructors create a learning environment that is challenging, supportive, & tons of fun!”

    Paige Burzlaff, Level II Grad
  • CSUB Kodály Institute Testimonial - John

    “Having taught another subject for 21 years and then changing to teaching vocal music, I honestly had no idea where to start. The CSUB Kodály Institute helped me not only to know where to begin, but also how to continue the process to help my students be the most successful.”

    John Garner, Level II Grad
  • CSUB Kodály Institute Testimonial - Carlin

    “This program will revolutionize the way you approach music education, make music literacy more accessible and enjoyable for both the teacher and the student, and will ultimately make your job easier for the rest of your career.”

    Carlin Truong, Level I Grads

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer CEUs and/or credit units?

    Yes! The CSUB Kodály Institute courses may be taken for either academic credit or CEU (Continuing Education Units).  To get started with earning academic credit please fill out the Kodály Institute Extended Education form. Courses and class numbers are created at the time the registration form is processed by the Division of Extended Education.  Typically, CEU courses are listed as EDUC; while academic credit courses are usually listed as MUS. For more information please contact Jennifer Patino in the office of Extended Education.

  • Is this course endorsed by the Organization of American Kodály Educators?

    Yes! Attendees can expect:

    • Experienced instructors who meet the same qualifications as all other OAKE-Endorsed programs.
    • Pertinent information regarding requirements for further study towards the full Kodály certificate.
    • Complete schedule for all five core areas of study (musicianship, Music Lit., Conducting, Choral Ensemble, and Pedagogy) totaling one-third of the contact hours needed to obtain the completed training certificate.

  • Is there a sample schedule avaiable?

    Yes! Please see below for a sample schedule (times and activities subject to change):

    Time Coursework/Activity
    8:30am - 9:45am Teaching Process & Skills (L I & II)
    9:55am - 11:10am Musicianship (Level II)
    11:10am - 11:15am Break
    11:15am - 12:10pm Choral Ensemble (All)
    12:10pm - 1:10pm Lunch
    1:10pm - 2:25pm Conducting (Level 1 & II)
    2:25pm - 2:30pm Break
    2:30pm - 3:45pm Music Literature (Level II & III)
    3:50pm - 4:45pm Selected Topics from Common Curriculum
    4:50pm - 5:00pm Common Singing
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